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Welcome to the Leucaena Network

The Leucaena Network is a leading producer group in Australia's grass-fed beef industry.  

Members include livestock producers, Leucaena and pasture seed growers, researchers and extension personnel.

Benefits of Leucaena

Let us introduce you to Leucaena, a high quality, long-lived leguminous forage tree that boosts live weight gain both per animal and per hectare, whilst reducing emissions.  

Long Living
High Quality
Wonder Fodder
Low Emissions

Learn About Leucaena

Leucaena is a high quality, long-lived leguminous forage tree. Leucaena leucocephala or common Leucaena has been naturalised in Australia for over 100 years.  Grazing varieties, Leucaena glabrata, were first introduced by the CSIRO in the 1950s for beef systems in tropical Australia.

Today more than 150,000 hectares of grazing Leucaena have been successfully established, predominately in central Queensland. More recent plantings are found across Northern Australia from the Top End of the Northern Territory and Cooktown in north Queensland and in southern Queensland to Goondiwindi.
Read more about using grazing Leucaena in our
Fact Sheets

The  History of Leucaena
Leucaena Fact
Leucaena &
the Environment
10 Tips for Leucaena Establishment
The Economics of Leucaena
Leucaena Case



Logan Reid is from 'Blackbull Station' Douglas Daly  Northern Territory. He is one of our producers participating in a MLA funded Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) to showcase best practice establishment strategies for Northern Territory conditions including variety and row spacing.  

In this video, Logan is commenting on the progress of his six-week old Leucaena, which was planted on the 12-13 January 2020.

The NT Establishment Trial finalised in August 2022.

Learn about Leucaena

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