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Malilangwe Establishment Trial

Brett and Suzanne Gill commenced site preparations on ‘Malilangwe’ in March 2019 with the applications of broad leaf weed herbicides across the entire paddock. Banded application of a broad-based herbicide across the planned row spacings was undertaken in late January in anticipation of significant rainfall which was not as forthcoming as expected.  Planting of the 10ha each of Cunningham, Wondergraze and Redlands was undertaken on the 31st January and 2nd February 2020 in anticipation of predicted follow up rain. 

Unfortunately due to the very dry ‘wet season’, this follow up rain was not forthcoming resulting in variable seed germination within the trial area. It was hoped that sporadic, later rain would assist with establishment however this was not to be, and the decision was made in May 2020 to utilise the paddock for grazing.

With an early start to the 2020 wet season and good falls throughout the season, Brett and Suzanne are currently commencing paddock preparations in readiness for re-planting later in 2020 or early 2021.  

During a visit to the Northern Territory in early November 2020 for the Blackbull Station Field Day, The Leucaena Network and the NT DPIR, accompanied by Bruce Mayne of Mayne Seeds, were able to visit Malilangwe and discuss with Brett and Suzanne their leucaena plans for Malilangwe.  We look forward to hearing of their progress. 


May 2020 - It was unfortunate that a lack of expected rain resulted in less than anticipated establishment on Malilangwe so the decision was made to bring the paddock back into Malilangwe's grazing rotation prior to re-planting on a good 2020 wet season. 

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November 2020 - a paddock visit to Malilangwe to coincide with the Blackbull Field Day.  Thanks to Brett and Suzanne for their time and hospitality - always enjoyable!

Hear from Brett and Suzanne about their progress to date

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