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Goshen Station Field Day

In May 2023, the Leucaena Network, with invaluable input and assistance from DAF Mareeba, presented the final North Australian Field Day for the Network's Live Weight Gain trials. Brett and Theresa Blennerhassett of 'Goshen Station' Mount Garnet hosted the day which included a morning of trial and research updates on both leucaena and pastures in North Queensland; and information packed presentations by AgForce's John Moore on assistance for AgForce members to address unimproved land valuations, and by Lynette McGuffie on the financial management assistance she and the Rural Financial Counsellors can provide graziers. Following a BBQ lunch featuring delicious and tender Bingil Bay Beef rib steaks - Goshen Station supplies cattle to Bingil Bay Beef - the attendees headed to the Goshen leucaena paddocks to hear some more about Brett's establishment and management strategies. Thank you to Brett and Theresa Blennerhassett, all presenters and especially those who attended.

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