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2Bindaroo - Stuart Buck, Chris Howie, Lo

NT Establishment Trials 

The MLA funded Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) 1909 Sustainable Long Term Leucaena Grass Production in Northern Australia commenced in early 2019.  The project involved four Douglas Daly NT graziers establishing Leucaena and once fully established, undertaking live weight gain trials to provide knowledge and data of their own properties and for use by the NT grazing industry. 

The producers involved are:

  1. Christopher and Amanda Howie – Bindaroo Pastures, Douglas Daly

  2. Logan Reid – Blackbull Station, Douglas Daly

  3. Brett and Suzanne Gill – Malilangwe, Douglas Daly

  4. Tony Hayne – Douglas Station, Douglas Daly 

The project was undertaken in collaboration with the NT Department of Primary Industry and Resource’s (DPIR) Douglas Daly Research Farm.

The Northern Territory Establishment Trial concluded in August 2022.

Complementary to the trial, the Leucana Network collaborated with the Northern Territory Government, local producers, NTCA and NT Farmers to develop a fit-for-purpose Northern Territory Code of Practice for the Responsible Establishment and Management of Leucaena.

Introduction to the Trial Producers

Douglas Station
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