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The Leucaena Code of Practice

It is recognised that Leucaena is a valuable forage when managed properly, but it may constitute a threat to the natural environment if not contained in those areas in which it has been planted, or controlled in those areas that it has invaded.


Currently, the majority of negative environmental impacts from Leucaena come from ungrazed 'common' Leucaena (L.leucocephala subsp. leucocephala) rather than the considered and planned plantings of L. Leucocephala subsp. glabrata which is utilised for grazing. 


L.leucocephala subsp.leucocepahla has been naturalised in coastal and urban areas of northern Australia for more than 100 years - long before the release of commercial cultivars for grazing.


The Leucaena Network and the Australian red-meat industry take the potential weed risk of Leucaena very seriously. In 2000, the Network developed the Leucaena Code of Practice to provide guidelines for graziers to adopt to ensure responsible establishment and long term management of Leucaena. This Code of Practice has been widely distributed and adopted across the industry.

The Leucaena Network is continually reviewing the Leucaena Code of Practice to ensure that it remains current in addressing agriculture’s environmental responsibilities and liaises with government, graziers and industry bodies to ensure continued self-regulation.

With the recent re-introduction of Leucaena into the Northern Territory, the Network collaborated with the Northern Territory Government, industry bodies and individual producers to develop a Northern Territory Best Management Code of Practice for Establishing and managing Leucaena Pastures. This document provides Northern Territory graziers with guidelines, specific to the requirements of the Northern Territory, to ensure responsible adoption and management of Leucaena pastures. Both Codes are available for review, printing or downloading below. 

It is recommended that, except for the Northern Territory where a bespoke code has been developed, the generic Leucaena Code of Practice be adopted by all Leucaena growers, except where there exists a region specific Code or regulatory requirement. In Queensland, the Whitsunday Regional Council requires the application for a permit to grow Leucaena. 

Contact the Whitsunday Regional Council - Natural Resource Management section on

(07)49450245 or at

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